Crash-course Webmaster in Tossa de Mar

This course is for all those who want to work freelance, for those who want to built the page for the own company (and save hundreds of pounds) and for those who like to create professional pages just for fun.
Within one week you'll learn all the skill you need to built a page. Back home at your PC you'll be able to create professional sites, you'll know how to keep them up to date, how to chose and by a good name, to manage your FTP and your mail-server answers the incoming messages automatically. In one stressy week you'll learn the secrets of HTML, xhtml, CSS and PHP. Apart from deep knowledge you'll part with a lot of examples and a complete documentation concerning the programming languages.
What you have to take along
Apart of your laptop with enough free space (or an external HD) and the desire to learn as much as possible in a few days you don't need anything else. You'll get all the programs you need and you'll take them home with you. Our lessons take place every day from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00. There's enough time left for sun, beach and discussins with the other participants.
To participate you should know how windows works and you should get used to e-mail programms and the most usual browsers.
You'l stay in three- or four-stars hotels in Tossa de Mar. It's clear to us that you'll have your own room and don't share it with another participant.
The next session starts September 13 and ends September 20, 2008. You'll find low cost flights at Ryanair, Airberlin or one of the others low cost providers. If you wish you can stay a longer period at one of the hotels.
The whole package: 1050 Euros by advance payement or 1200 Euros by arrival (200 Euros advanced by enrolment). The payement can be by cheque, Paypal or bank transfer.
The price includes the transfer from Barcelona or Girona airport, resp. from Girona mainstation to Tossa and back, board and lodging (7 nights), and our courses.
Enrolment by e-mail "right here" or phone: (0034) 677 103 925

Tossa de Mar